The Water Resistant not Water Proof Iphone 7

Hold on a minute before you put your order in for the iphone 7 or 7 plus I have some things that are very important that I wanted to share with you and I wanted to make sure you guys know before you put that order in some of these am actually very surprised I didn’t even know about them now we know that the iphone 7 and 7 plus are going to be shipping with lightning based earpods this is nothing new but to the airport is the separate ones the apples going to be shipping later in October just wanted to make clear they’re not going to be available at launch they’re going to be available only later as a separate options.

So you’re actually able to take a little box and get different packaging with your iphone 7 and 7 plus that differentiates from the standard lighting earpods package so it just want to make that clear gotta say they sound great I know that Apple has officially released them but these pre-release models man pretty damn good and as is tradition Apple usually releases the first weekend sales numbers this year they decided not to do that but they did explain why and in this explanation they actually said that they will completely sell out of the iphone 7.

If you guys wanted to snag one at launch this is going to be a pretty crazy release if Apple themselves are expecting to completely sell out and if you guys wanted to know which is the rarest one of the Unicorn is going to be the jet black iphone 7 plus in the base 128 gigabytes so if you want to get the rarest iphone that is going to be the one after that the regular black then the rose gold and the gold and the silver as is based on popularity in the past and yes that’s right Apple did make the jet-black exclusive 128 and 256 gigabyte configurations and this isn’t just on the seven plus also on the regular iphone 7 models so you’re going to have to dish out a little bit more just for the color that this was surprised to be completely.

If you guys are buying a tmobile or AT&T iphone they do not come with a cdma radio inside so in the little fine print you’ll notice that these two models will not work on verizon or sprint so last year the success and success plus came with both of these radios you know you could swap sim cards if they’re unlocked and it would work just fine now the only way to get the iphone 7 with both radios gsm and cdma is to get the verizon or sprint one.

So be wary if you guys want an unlocked phone at work with any carrier get the verizon or sprint one fully paid and it will come unlocked and work on every Network and yes Apple did boost the base storage from 16 to 32 gigabytes however I gotta tell you it’s not enough nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to manage with based storage and the difference this year between 32 and 228 is massive 96 gigabytes versus last year’s 48th between 16 and 64 so I just wanted to tell you guys spend the extra money the system alone takes up a massive amount of storage and there’s 4k video life photos the large application sizes just do it and spend a little more.

For the people that are diehard 3.5 millimeter jack users it’s still possible to charge your phone and listen to music through that poor at the same time not using Apple’s connector or adapter know using the actual doc so you can buy this from apple it’s nice to hold your phone with but it also allows for that functionality listen to 3.5 millimeter audio in charge at the same time now we get it’s huge it’s clunky who’s actually going to use this I’m just saying there’s no third-party solution right now this is literally the only thing you can do to solve this problem and it’s a bit dumb is an apple remove the headphone jack but they didn’t give us a good solution for it instead they give us lighting earpods but you can’t charge and listen to music at the same time just want you guys to know that I tried trust me doesn’t really work for the people that already have good headphones they don’t want to upgrade to bluetooth headphones of course Apple did include that adapter but then again you have your car auxiliary cable you want to plug it into and you need more adapters a good thing is Apple made them very cheap.

So I recommend you guys go and buy a couple from apple’s website when available and just keep them around the new iphone does have a new home button it is a virtual home button it’s fake it’s not an actual press apple made a new solution to feel like a press but early reviews are saying it’s really not that great I recommend you guys go and try one in person before buying before we get excited go on vacation and go swimming with your iphone keep this in mind it is water resistant not waterproof a lot of people mistake that term you can’t do this you can’t go cliff jumping because as soon as you exert over a meter of pressure on to the iphone it’s going to take water onto the inside.

It’s only suitable for just setting it jack Lee into a meter of water and keeping it there for up to 30 minutes just like this just wanted to let you guys know the difference water resistance does not equal waterproof if you actually visit the front page of the iphone 7 on the very bottom there is a very important disclaimer here so before anyone gets excited and I think that Apple is going to protect their iphone against water damage that is not the case even the galaxy s7 which has that higher ip68 rating is not protected by warranty against water damage so it says here liquid damage not covered under warranty you’re not invincible you still need a waterproof case and in the same vein another disclaimer from apple is that the jet black color is more prone to scratching.

On the same page on apple’s website you’ll actually notice in the fine text that it says apple recommend you use a case if you’re concerned about your jet black iphone being more prone to scratches which it is and if you wanted to use an old case with the iphone 7 it’s a hit-and-miss here so some of them will work some won’t if they have a large camera cut out you probably good but really just check with the manufacturer to see before hands as I would recommend you guys to get a case right away especially if you’re getting a jet black color but most as you can see will not fit and before you order your iphone 7 plus just want to let you guys know that one of the biggest features apple town and about it will not be available when you receive it.

So that portrait mode depth-of-field feature is actually going to be added later on in a software update along with additional camera improvements that supposedly there’s a report that Apple is working on additional camera features for the larger seven-plus and what’s the best way to pre-order the phone 7 or 7 plus four years consistently the apple store app has been the best way to do it not only to be products appear first on the page here versus any other carrier Paige Regan apple com they’re also available to order faster as you can actually preset all your custom information in your account settings and it’s there as soon as it pops up ready to order those are the things you guys do need to know about the phone 7 and 7 plus this is going to be an epic release guys I cannot wait to get these in my hand I’m going to be performing all of the tests of course and hopefully with this video I could help prepare you to receive the iphone 7.


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