Some Major features of Iphone 7 That You Have To Know

1. You’ve already heard about it the design team and Johnny have told you that there is a beautiful new refined design for iphone 7 it starts with this new finish we call jet-black it is absolutely stunning it is a high-gloss finish so it’s a scene with surface between the glass and the woman back all around it is a stainless steel apple logo the new integrating tennis are built so suddenly you can barely see them at all anymore and of course enclosure creates the housing for the camera it is a beautiful new design there’s a second new black we call it simply black it is be blasted aluminum it diffuses light it is a black logo and it looks very cool very high-tech when the new iphone 7 also looks beautiful and gold and silver and of course rose gold

2. Something we use hundreds of times a day the home button the home button is quintessential apple design it is so simple yet so powerful we use it throughout our day we click it to go home we double-click it to bring in multitasking we hold it down to invoke serie we can program it through accessibility you can put your finger on you to read your fingerprint with touch ID you can DoubleTap it to bring the screen down and reach ability of course hold it near terminal to pay with Apple pay it does so many things for us and we’ve completely redesigned it to make it more responsive more reliable and even customizable and iphone 7 now we’ve done this before we’ve changed our input devices in big ways you may remember the ipod it started with the mechanical click wheel and then we updated to electrostatic wheel and it was so much better we’ve done it recently with the macbook and macbook pro we’ve brought out the force touch trackpad and it’s the best trackpad we’ve ever had in a notebook and we’re doing this with the home button we re-engineered it it’s now force-sensitive solid-state it works together in combination with a new generation taptic engine this topic engine is more responsive puts out a wider range of frequencies that creates in real-time incredible filled with the new home button in fact it’s so useful we use it throughout the user experience so if you do a quick action like moving away with it it gives you a nice topic feedback is unique feedback for notifications and messages and even your ringtones and it’s amazing because it can be programmed by third-party applications and the applications that have started to work on iphone 7 take advantage of this topic engineer creating new field things and experiences that could not have been created before in a smartphone it’s really incredible.

3. The new enclosure and iphone 7 iphone 7 plus our water and dust resistance now it’s incredibly important to the team to ensure that we protect the great feeling and experience that we all love our iphones with the buttons and switches and to do that and provide this resistant meant re-engineering it from the inside out in many ways including new seals in our test it is ip67 protection standard what does this mean for all of us well even the least coordinate among us don’t have to worry in case some unusual mishap happens that your iphone will be safe from water or dust


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