iPhone 7 vs 7 Plus Which One to Choose When Buying

The new iphone 7 plus any iphone 7 into new colors and they’re absolutely gorgeous jet black and black so this video I just wanted to make a choice easier for you guys because I know I’m going to be choosing already have my mind set on it but a lot of people are going to be choosing between the seven and seven plus they’re going to want to choose smaller device or larger device what’s the difference is there a difference there’s actually several key points that you should consider when choosing between seven and seven plus.

I wanted to talk to you guys about those in this video is actually pretty simple you know not too much of a difference but there certainly are some key points namely of course that big dual lens camera on the back of the seven plus but other than that there are a couple smaller ones so let’s get into that and I consider which one to get and why the first I wanted to mention that this was a pretty straightforward release I was watching the keynote really great.

The know except the end part what was going on there I was just like whoa I don’t understand art nowadays whatever that was if you don’t need to see a music video my gosh but anyways so during the keynote I was a surprise you know like we knew what was coming even the colors the home button the waterproofing everything we pretty much knew in advance and I thought that was pretty cool.

That all these leaks allow us to know beforehand there’s just no surprise anymore but in any case I was pretty satisfied with the release is very good a lot of key points like the waterproofing the home button better audio even better audio even that’s very good and I was very happy to hear it so let’s make that choice easier for you 7 or 7 plus first off let’s start off with comfort this is something that a lot of people talk about but I’ve used both I expensively use the seven and seven plus.

I personally switch over to a plus because of the display benefits which I’ll get to in a minute but comfort wise forget about one-handed usage using this thing with one hand is a monstrosity it is difficult I have very long fingers my mom tells me you have piano fingers wanted to play piano all the time but even with my long fingers I can’t get my finger up to the top where it should be using that back button and that’s very difficult.

So that’s something to consider because of the wide phone the white bezels this thing is not comfortable to use with one hand but for most people they don’t care because all of the other benefits outweigh that also the iphone 7 like these six as is thinner than the plus counterparts so not only is this thing going to be easier to grip it’s also thinner as well so it’s a lighter smaller phone the biggest difference for me is the screen so on the iphone 7 plus we’re looking at a 5.5 inch display vs a 4.7 inch on the iphone 7 not that much of a difference.

But the key difference here is resolution so the iphone 7 plus display is going to be a lot sharper has a 401 pixel density versus 326 so when you’re looking at content on web pages you’re going to make out smaller text much easier details on photos and videos you definitely get to see a lot more of that on the iphone 7 plus.

Now both the iphone 7 and 7 plus you have that improved to display with the wider color gamut which is nice but the iphone 7 plus just gonna be that much nicer. Now the seven has the very small advantage of having a higher contrast ratio with typical usage.

But the iphone 7 plus just you won’t even notice that is such a small difference I got to get to that on the seven but in general in almost every way seven-plus display is better.

to think Apple learned something very important with the plus models this year and they finally implemented this more power for a larger phone in the past apple always put the same internals in a 6 6 plus success plus that’s not very good because the larger plus model has a larger display more pixels to push it needs a little bit more power.

This time around Apple’s pretty 3 gigabytes of RAM in the larger plus model versus two in the iphone 7 so that means in day-to-day usage you will notice that the iphone 7 plus will actually not hang as much it I personally haven’t even used the yes I can’t tell you for sure but it’s hard to argue with the fact that more ram equals more performance.

Then there’s the battery life for me personally this was my number two choice going with the larger plus model battery life is very important and on the iphone 7 plus you’re going to be getting more battery life. so versus the 6s plus 1 hour additional usage but in general vs the 7 you’re going to get about a ten to twenty percent increase in battery life because it is bigger 2910 milliamps vs 1960 so the actual differences about thirty percent increase in size but once you start factoring in the display you know the more intensive components you’re going to need that battery life.

And even with that factored in you still will be getting a ten to twenty percent improvement as this chart shows and of course how can we forget the biggest difference between these two is the camera technology.

So the iphone 7 plus is using that dual lens camera has one wide angle lens and one telephoto left so the primary advantage of this is you’re getting optical zoom. you’re actually going to be able to zoom in and keep clarity up to two times zoom beyond that the iphone 7 plus has the advantage of going all the way up to 10 times digital zoom in a digital zoom in between still looks better than that on the iphone 7.

So the iphone 7 can do up to five times digital soon but beyond that having a dual camera allows you to take better pictures because it combines pictures together to get the perfect shot every time you’re going to be getting a stable photo better quality just in general do lens camera has many advantages one of the optical zoom one better quality and apples having a new feature called depth-of-field portrait mode.

So you’re going to take pictures that look just like this on a DSLR quality scale on your iPhone what you’re looking at is boca so bulky will allow you to get that blur in the background even when you’re not really far away and zoomed in like you would on a DSLR camera.

So this is a awesome effect and you’re going to be able to get exclusively on the iphone 7 plus there’s a whole software feature behind it that analyzes the seam and blurs out the background I thought it was a really cool feature only on the iphone 7 plus are you gonna get that so again advantages better zoom better quality and that boca effect with the portrait mode and lastly is the price.

So the iphone 7 plus has a bigger difference here between the smaller and larger model versus last year a hundred and nineteen dollars that’s a hundred and twenty just get around so last year there was a hundred or difference does a hundred and twenty dollars justified a larger iphone 7 plus model this here I say absolutely i mean hands down yes if you guys don’t mind about the size the comfort factor that’s the only detriment think to the larger model in every way it is worth it.

So that camera the battery I the processing power I mean it’s only a gigabyte of ram but it will help when you’re using a lot of things at once we’re usually phone start to hang the iphone 7 plus should do a little bit better but that’s yet to be seen so I’m just saying more ram should equal more performance and of course that sharper larger display which I gotta say is beautiful so to me the display and power alone are huge and then there’s the camera.

So all that factored and i think a hundred and twenty dollars is well justifiable for the iphone 7 plus of course comfort is a big deal for some people even those new features those better features are not worth it we’re sacrificing comfort.

But anyways guys just want to let you guys know what the differences between these devices and hopefully you guys learned a thing or two after reading this article but when it comes to these guys I say definitely spend the extra dollar and get the larger iphone 7 plus model it is awesome even from the success to success plus it was a great difference so the 7 or 7 plus should be even better but of course I will compare these in an actual real-world test with cameras and all that as soon as I get them.


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