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The camera is perhaps the most beloved featured by many of us and our iphones and customers take absolutely stunning photographs. You can see them around the world and the shot on iphone campaign they are amazing and they send us them every single day. More pictures including a campaign because it is an incredible camera and just wait to get their hands on the new camera system in the iphone 7. It is a huge advancement in photography for cell phones. everything about it is entirely new, there’s an optical image stabilizer in all iphone 7 and 7 plus helps study from shaking hands there’s a wider f 1.8 aperture lens that lets fought fifty percent more light onto the sensor.

There is a new six element lens so you get a sharp image edge-to-edge without 1.8 aperture and there’s an all-new 12 mega pixel sensor that is large pixels at sixty percent faster and thirty percent more energy-efficient even the flashes all-new are true tone flash in the same aperture. now has four leds it puts out fifty percent more light reaches 50-percent further and engineering team has come up this really cool feature of wicker sensor what is that deal with a flicker sensor reads the flickering of artificial lighting and can compensate for it and the photos and videos you take.

This is really big terms of image quality but behind it all is the brains of the camera. The image signal processor and this enables so much of the unique quality that we get in our pictures. we take with iphone and the isp in the new chip in the iPhone 7 is twice the throughput our previous versions what is this is P do well I’m going to take a quick walk through some of the things. The isp does every time we take a picture it’s unbelievable but the first thing it does is. It reads the scene and uses machine learning to look for objects and people bodies within it.

Daniel on a pset exposure setfocus using our focus pixels that’s the color with white balance. In fact for the first time captures wide color since standard white color balance is off with tone mapping. It does noise reduction and even if it needs you can take multiple photos and fuse them together into one to give you the perfect image. This happens every time we take a picture back the ISP is so smart is performing a hundred billion operations every time we take a picture and it does it in just 25 milliseconds.

This truly is a supercomputer for girls, what matters most of the pictures you can take with the phone 7. so of course we’ve given iphone 7 to a number of great photographers and ask them to show us what’s possible directly with this incredible camera and they were so blown away I want to use one quote of what photographers have to say about this Christopher Anderson said this iphone is going to be a part of any professionals repertoire of tools.

The camera didn’t just hand a low-light it render the separation of colors in a way that reminds me of film just beautiful that is remarkable praise from a great photographer. So I’m going to show a few pictures that he and some other photographers took directly from iphone 7 and have not been retouched in anyway. so here’s one is an absolutely beautiful photograph is a high-speed camera he’s not floating there that shows just how great it is and how sharp the focus it takes incredible pictures whether using black and white or color and the colors because we capture wide color gamut images.

Now are much richer particularly in the greens and some of the Reds unfortunately from the sly machine up to this projection system you don’t get the full breadth of the gamut of white colors. So what you’re seeing here is beautiful it is as beautiful as it actually is in a photo and you can see it on your iphone. And here’s an example of low light photography so much improved its really great so customers are going to love taking pictures with iphone 7 we’re also going to love taking live photos. They’re already fun and they’ve gotten even better with iphone 7.

Now we apply video image stabilization when you take a live photo. You can edit them after shopping like crop them or apply filters and developers can capture and edit life photos within their applications with iOS 10. developers are really excited that in iOS 10 you can now capture raw dng files directly from the camera sensor and do even more complex editing and for the first time with iphone 7. They can also get wide color in their photos that they take as well. So this is the best camera we’ve ever made on any iphone. we also the best camera we’ve ever had on the front side as well there’s a new seven megapixel facetime HD camera for those selfies and those facetime calls to make this is up from five megapixels.

The sensor includes new pixel technologies that we’ve used in backside like deep trench isolation remember what that is, that helps us get sharper images as the pixels get close together it also captures white color images so throughout the system replying white color and does auto image stabilization. so this shot that you see up here on the screen that was taken from the front side camera unedited exactly as it can take a beautiful selfie so this is the iphone 7 camera new 12 megapixel camera system with optical image stabilization wider f 1.8 aperture six elements in the lens that sensor sixty percent faster now a quad led true tone flash are incredibly fast ISP and wide color capture.

it is the best camera ever in an iphone so yeah if you can’t tell I love cameras and love them and this has got me so excited because if that is the best camera we’ve ever made. an iphone what is left for iphone 7 and this is what we’re doing an iphone 7 plus its plus a second camera is now 2 12 megapixel cameras built-in the iphone 7 plus one has the wide-angle 28 millimeter lens the same as the iphone 7 the other is a telephoto 56 millimeter lens but why have to complete cameras with two lenses to explain it.

Let me show you a traditional. Shooter DSLR and how the lens can work as you know and we have many of these cameras in our lives you can change the focal length of your lands to zoom in. that’s how we get a zoom feature and that works great when you have a large camera with a big lens on it you can move in and out that isn’t so great on the lens you want to put in something that goes in your pocket or purse so we know with two cameras and two different lenses we can create zoom feature built-in to the iphone.

It takes an incredible amount of hardware and software to do it in a way that we can all enjoy. The team has done something remarkable. so how does it work the same as before you go into the camera app to take a picture but now, there’s a new button right there on the screen and blow it up teeny bit it says 1x it’s right above the shutter when you go to take a picture it’s using the wide-angle lens and taking a picture.

Just as always but now with this button you can do one of two things.

First you can just tap it and it jumps to 2x now you’re taking a picture with a telephoto lens beginning the same high-quality 12-megapixel picture with a beautiful optical lens no software needed.

The second thing you can do is you can put your finger on it and drag across it and you can zoom from one x 25 x as you go beyond. Two extra doing software zoom but now since it’s starting with that telephoto lens the quality that image is four times better than before with software zoom. In fact! it’s so much better. We decided to push it even further all the way up to 10 xs.

With beautiful optical lens quality both of great examples of taking low-light pictures now with incredible new cameras an iphone 7 plus so that’s the camera nikon seven-plus joining iphone 7 with this great new zoom feature. there’s one other use of this camera that we challenged our engineering team to do as an extra-credit project it’s really, it really was it something that is incredibly challenging and takes a lot of amazing invention but what they’ve been doing is astounding and it’s something that’s a big breakthrough in photography and we want to give you a sneak peek of this feature.

Now to explain it I’m going to bring up a picture this is a picture that was taken with a very high-end camera and so it will help us illustrate that feature were trying to achieve to bring up a picture. you see this beautiful portrait, the gentleman the front is pinned sharpen focus and that background has a beautiful blur this is called shallow depth-of-field this is a technique that’s really useful for things like portraiture. it’s something that is illustrative of a great camera that has often a very big sensor like a full friend sensor or a really big fast lands and the quality that background blur that’s what called boca and the higher the quality of boca usually more advanced and higher-quality the lens and camera system and the out the end result is it feels almost 3d like the person’s popping off the screen.

It is a beautiful photo.

So our goal is to try to do something like this using the two cameras the iphone 7 plus what the engineering team has been doing hardware software working together is truly remarkable what they’re able to do is when we take a picture is to use the isp to scan the scene to use machine learning to recognize people and faces and then create a depth map of that image from the two cameras in the software keep the people in the front sharpen focus and apply a beautiful blur to the background.

This is a huge breakthrough and what can be done a smartphone in photography. So how do you do it couldn’t be easier again we go to the camera app to go to take a picture where you normally select the style of the picture so panorama foursquare. There’s a new style that says portrait is selected portrait it automatically jumps to using the telephoto lens that fifty six millimeter lens is great for portrait lens.

And automatically you see the depth effect and what’s remarkable is that before you take a picture as you look at your iphone screen. You are seeing that blurring the background it is being generated in real-time as you’re looking at the screen even high-end dslrs can’t do real-time deep depth preview in their screens. this is a incredible breakthrough, so now I’m going to show you the first picture we have ever shown the world of a depth of field photo taken from an iphone 7 plus with this new feature before I do I have to come clean on something because I wasn’t entirely honest before the picture I showed you before this was taken an iphone 7 plus yeah it is stunning again.

We’ve given some photographers early access to a 7 plus and this software feature and they’ve been blown away by how it performs me just give you one quote from photographer Jason Osito said I loved the depth of field capabilities and the ability to shoot fast without losing sharpness. This iphone proves you don’t need a five-figure rig to get a great photographer this camera is going to change the game now. We are not saying to throw your DSLR that iphone replaces all the DSLRs. what we are saying is, this is the best camera we have ever made in an iphone this is the best camera ever made in any smartphone. for many the customers who have it, will probably be the best camera they have ever owned today but more importantly it allows them to create beautiful pictures with incredible creative tools.


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